Anne Starke

My mission is to help people reconnect with their True Self, gain self-acceptance and live the life they want. I do this through:

• Intuitive sessions/readings
• Psych-K®
• Trapped emotions releasing
• Heart wall clearing
• Helping people hear their own intuition

Reconnect with your Spirit
As a child I often saw ghosts and things that others couldn’t see. I was afraid, so I tried to not-see. Struggling to be other than who I was led to increasing internal discomfort as I grew up. I think this is true for more people than are aware of it; we are all psychic to some degree, and denying our true nature leads to all sorts of problems in our lives. We can heal ourselves if we reconnect with our spirits and our spirit helpers. Our angels and guides are just waiting for us to reach out to them so they can help us!